Dating a Virgo

Dating an Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgos in are cautious terms of dating and relationships. They never rush into anything – finding a romantic partner included. To date them, prepare to slow your pace and wait until they will open up when they are ready.

To make this sign person your partner, know your particular Virgo well. To do so, be sure to read this entire article. We will be covering aspects of dating and establishing a relationship, their pros and cons, treatment ways and compatibility with other Zodiac’s.


About Virgo in Terms of Dating

Know a Virgo before trying to make a relationship with them. This description can make a process easier.



OK, maybe not 100%. But it is their value in life – they like to do everything as hard and good as possible, yet if this is not happening they will agree with what they got.



Appreciate when a Virgo is around you. And don’t disgust them – be hygienic.



Not that they like to overthink everything – it is a rational degree of being intellectual. Yet they can get confused when taking a decision.


Hard On Themselves

Virgos do not fish for compliments. Yet they are really self-critical.


Sensitive Souls

Virgos don’t like being pranked and when people joke with them. They can get insulted and spend a whole day crying.


They Like Attention To Details

They can proofread a single phrase for minutes. But this is so much joy for them! Plus, no embarrassing moments when somebody thinks they don’t know grammar.


Devoted and Loyal

They are very good friends and like to take care. But if you flirt with someone else – you and that person will probably both get hurt.



Virgos tend to learn a lot, so they eventually know a lot about this world. They like to give advice when they see a chance – even if nobody asks.



Since they have a lot of knowledge, expect them to be right most of the time. Virgos are wise and confident in what they say.


They Don’t Do Dirty Talking

Not that they don’t want to – they just don’t think this is really necessary. Maybe this can be explained by their sign name – Virgins, immaculate persons.



Namely, they almost always will try to split a check in restaurant. Women too.



Wise Virgos are still modest and even shy sometimes. They are not a type of people to be proud of themselves and tell everyone how good they are in something.


Pros and Cons of Dating and Relationship with Virgo

All Zodiac signs are unique – so are Virgos. When dating them, expect these positive traits:


Weetest Zodiac sign

They always consider and appreciate your feelings and point of view.



They can be adorable with their tendencies to be grown up and serious.



They will always support and never give you up in any challenging situation.


And there negative:


Sometimes they are too sensitive

They actually care of others’ feelings much more than their own, they can doubt your sincerity when you try to help them in achieving inner mental balance.


How to Date


How to Date Virgo

To date Virgos, you need to find a special approach to them – same as for any other Zodiac sign. Our guide can help you make your Virgo crush your partner.


Be Patient

Since Virgos are perfectionists in some sort, they can get fussy on a date. Don’t regulate them – give it some time. They just want everything to be ideal for your couple. Yes, this can get frustrating for those who are not perfectionists themselves, yet Virgos can get insulted if you don’t allow them to try their best. Let them express their creativity and apply their knowledge.


Be Sweet

Virgos need an understanding, kind and supportive partner – they search for these traits in people all the time. Don’t tease them even in friendly manner, because they do take seriously everything their loved one does and says. Don’t play with their feelings. And do not try to compliment them too much – as we stated above, they are not a big hunters for that and will apply intuition to tell if you are being toady.


Let Them Do What They Want To

Virgos are really focused people. The best strategy to date them is to understand they desire to work a lot. Yet you can organize some free time for them every now and then – don’t let them overwork.


Appreciate Them for Being Practical

For example, if you are preparing a gift for them, choose something practical – what they will use for a lot of time and in a lot of situations. Or they will feel sorry for making you to spend money on them with some useless and probably expensive stuff.


Be Romantic, Loyal and Supportive

Virgos like loyalty in relationship seriously. They are also very romantic by their nature. Be sure you invite them on a nice traditional date – and they will likely get interested in you, because you do understand what their soul needs. Don’t flirt with other people – even to prank your Virgo. They don’t like being joked and cheated, and mix of this will drive them crazy and issue a break between you.


Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Virgo


When dating a Virgo, you need to follow a special way to charm them and make them your partner. Do:


And never do:


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Relationship Compatibility of Virgo and Other Zodiac Signs


Look at this table to know who should Virgo date and who can date them:


Aries Aries Hardly the dream relationships, yet if they both relax and stop being too serious it can be a humorous, fun couple
Taurus Taurus When Taurus falls in love, they will convince their Virgo in any way that love exists, and if those do accept it and be tender – this couple can have life-long relationships
Gemini Gemini A couple that is hard to imagine, but it is an exciting experience when they find each other – they can bring a lot of knowledge to this world
Cancer Cancer A couple with a potential for everlasting great love – they can be inspirational with their heart and mind, if they let each other to enter their worlds
Leo Leo They rarely end up together, but this couple has all possibilities to be a rational one – when each of them has their things to do
Virgo Virgo Challenging pairing, because they both dismiss emotions on each other – their chance to be happy is to allow their hearts to decide, rather than brains
Libra Libra Too rational relationships – if they even get together, but they can try to have more patience and display their emotions sincerely
Scorpio Scorpio Potentially incredible couple full of excitement and energy – if they give each other darkness, it will be too depressing for them and those who are around
Sagittarius Sagittarius In most cases this is not a fairytale couple, yet they can have love that is deep enough and their vision helps to create beauty
Capricorn Capricorn Deep and overthinking relationships with the only way to be lovely for them is to take a breath, relax and dive into this respectful bond
Aquarius Aquarius They do not really get along as a healthy meal lover and a fast food addict, yet their intellect can help them overcoming any possible problem
Pisces Pisces Not a perfect relationships in the beginning, but since they both have a challenge to expect an absolute perfection, in the long run they can realize that their share of emotions is unbelievable