Dating a Taurus

Dating an Taurus Zodiac Sign

People, whose Zodiac sign is Taurus, are sensual by their nature. They tend to be sentimental and possessive. These characteristics of Taurus’ personalities mean that communications with them can quickly get intense – from a moment of meeting to dating and to relationships. To date Taurus person, you need to be serious regarding love as they are – they do not tolerate and playing with feelings.

If you want to date a Taurean person, be sure to read this entire article. We will be covering all aspects of dating them – pros and cons to date them and tips on how to do it (and what to do not), compatibility.


About Taurus In Terms Of Dating

To charm a Taurean and make them your partner, you have to really know their characteristics. Read the description of their personality – it will help you to make a process easier.


Their Love Is Not Demonstrative

Taurus people are not demonstrative in what they feel and do. They rarely say things like “I love you” – they rather prove it in action. Taureans’ love is silent but evident – they trust taking care and doing different things to show appreciation of you more that words – this is their own way of confessing to feelings. Their ways of caring about you are touching, hugging and holding hands. And asking them to say those three magic words is not an option – if you do this too often, it might destroy your relationship.


Taureans Are Food Lovers

People with Taurus Zodiac do love and crave affections, but unlike most of other signs they do not really show this. Yet a thing we know for sure – a way to their heart goes through stomach. If you can make a meal delicious enough to make them compliment you – know, now they are more likely seeing you as a romantic partner. And once you are in, you personally won’t leave a Taurean person – they are sweetest people in the world. To feel it, you just need to melt ice between you and them.


They Are Good In Bed

Taurus persons are most committed and loyal among all Zodiac signs. This is demonstrated, namely, in their sexual behavior. If you could not tell if a Taurean partner loves you, look at physical hints they give you. And those for who sex is an important part of relationships – would appreciate Taureans’ point of view. When you get it – be ready for a great time and passionate exchange of feelings.


Taureans Are Hard To Convince

It is really tricky to convince a Taurus about just anything if they are already against it. Those of bull sign are very stubborn – they are not ready to argue even if you give them all reasons why you are right. Taureans stick to their own point strongly – sometimes it can be impossible to change their mind. And you can’t just yell at them – at least, get ready to prove your point. Yet we do not guarantee you that this will help.


They Are Spiritually Grounded

Taureans are the most spiritually grounded Zodiac sign. For them, it is hard to have a strong religious position or just to believe in something that somebody else states. Taurus people do not have an ideology – they look at each situation and make context decisions. They are more of persons who live in present – and they also love nature. Taureans are not really interested in history and don’t like to connect to past by any means. They are all focused on what is happening right now.


They Don’t Tolerate Deception and Pranks

When you try to surprise your Taurean partner, be ready that they would either stay quiet or even get insulted. They don’t like spontaneous things – rather comfort and security. Taurus persons don’t accept any manipulations and deceit – make a relationship with them free of these things. Another thing to know – don’t play hard to get their appreciation. Yet if you try – don’t play around them. This scares them and can be dangerous for your relationship. Taureans stick to the point that if something is hard to achieve – it is unworthy. They do not like games!


Taureans Are Sensual Lovers

The good way to charm them is traditional methods of showing your sensual feelings to a person. Taurus sign loves chocolates, dim lights, soft music and silk – thing like these are their huge turn-on. Unlike Aries, they do not like much experimentation in bed (this rather angers them), yet things we listed are almost the only method to play them in a way that they love. Taureans are all about nature, romance, sensuality and different calm acts of taking care, opening with your feelings to them – this is an easy job to make them interested physically.


They Do Not Appreciate Disruption

Taureans always have their routine established and they do not accept change from outside by any means. They are not compatible with people who strive to be in new situations constantly and those don’t like plans and schedules. Trust us, it is easy to understand them or at least get a point that every Zodiac sign is different than another in some aspects.


They Are About Peace and Quiet

Taureans love stability – and this is true for relationships too. They won’t last if one or both of you are wasting time. They are committed people and like people who are with them because of their personal appreciation.


Taurus Love Friends and Family

They put nearest and dearest before anything else – sometimes even themselves. They are supportive, sincere and committed.


Pros and Cons of Dating and Relationship with Taurus


Positive sides of dating Taurus – they are:


Yet their negative sides include that they are:



Dating an Taurus Zodiac Sign


How to Date Taurus

Dating Taureans has its own rules. Follow our guide to get the most from a communications.



They are a little unpredictable and sometimes switch sides suddenly. Yet most of the time they are conservative and traditional. Show them your appreciation in a classical way (flowers, chocolates, cards, small meaningful DIY gifts and so on), – but don’t do too much of it so you don’t make them uncomfortable.


Don’t Be Too Serious

With stone-faced people around, Taurus won’t open up themselves. They might appear shy, yet the way to make them happier – take a leader role.


Listen Actively

They love to communicate and always understand you, search for a compromise. Yet Taureans don’t like pretenders – be yourself and don’t say something just to please them.


Don’t Obsess With Them

Taurus is an independent sign. Give them own space and have yours too. Don’t be possessive.


Understand Their Emotions

Taureans can have mood swings. In a relationship, you must understand them. If they are upset – cook them a good meal, and when they are happy – just show how do you love each other.


Take Care in Small Things

Since Taurus is an Earth sign, there are some situations when they like to be outside even more them at home. Namely, some calm and interesting places of nature like forests. You can go out for a picnic.


Never Underestimate Them

Taureans are different than any other signs. They seek for support to live gracefully – and they would give it back mutually.


Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Taurus


To charm them:


And never:



Dating a Taurus Zodiac Sign


Relationship Compatibility of Taurus and Other Zodiac Signs


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Cancer Cancer Intimate relationships possibility
Leo Leo Lovely, sensual and quiet couple
Virgo Virgo Partners that take care of each other
Libra Libra When found mutual understanding, become a tender partners
Scorpio Scorpio This relationships represent a conception of live – balanced couple
Sagittarius Sagittarius Most beneficent couple out of all signs
Capricorn Capricorn Intriguing relationship with complementation of each other’s sides
Aquarius Aquarius Perfect, but short-lasting relationship
Pisces Pisces Fairytale couple – beautiful and exiting combination