Dating a Scorpio

Dating an Scorpio Zodiac Sign

People with Scorpio Zodiac sign tend to be hard-working, paying attention to details. They never forget something important about their partner. They can please you with a level of their knowledge of you, realizing what they have planned to give you.

Yet they seek for stability, appreciation and trust, which makes relationships with them harder, because you need to have a special treatment way. To know more about Scorpios in dating and relationships, their pros and cons and compatibility, be sure to read this entire article.


About Scorpio in Terms of Dating

To charm Scorpio, you need to know them well. Read our description of them – it can make a process of making a Scorpio crush your partner easier.



Don’t try resisting – you won’t. They are the sexiest Zodiac sign of all.



Scorpios are always in control of any situation. When you they do not know about something happening – best believe, most likely they have a leader’s role in it.



Scorpios achieve goals easily – you can’t compete with them in most of the things. Appreciate when they are in your team, since you will win for sure!



Scorpios do not like to open up about their romantic life to strangers, namely, they won’t put a Facebook engagement status. Not that they are cheating – they like to be safe on informational level.



Scorpios are very caring in terms of what you – their partner – think and feel. About life, your relationships, yourself and them of course. But they do not care about other’s opinions at all.


Intrigued By Mystery

Scorpios like to be thrilled. They like darkness, unsolved situations and so on. Scorpios like to think on how they can help somebody in a hard situation.



Scorpios have a great sense of humor. Yet they have even greater sense of sarcasm and like joking people by their nature – don’t take it personal.


Brutally Honest

Want to hear if this dress makes you look fat? Be prepared for an honest answer.



Scorpios and get physical or mental sometimes – it depends on a person. But they tend to be emotional every now and then.


Protective, Focused and Loyal

If you tell your Scorpio partner that someone insulted you – they will try their hardest to find that person and, let’s say, speak with them. Considering their tendencies to get psyched, this can lead to someone being hurt.



They can help their romantic partner with just anything. Considering how understanding they are, this can make things worse – sometimes they can support you in some illegal stuff if you don’t know it and eventually don’t warn them.


They Have a Great Intuition

Scorpios feel everything with their guts. Sum it with their memory and knowledge, and get a living filter of good and bad.



They are always about to destroy somebody. Insult them – and forget about calm life for quite a long time.


Pros and Cons of Dating and Relationship with Scorpio

As any other Zodiac sign, Scorpios have their own positive and negative sides regards dating.


Their pros are:



They are committed, yet trusting to their instincts and feeling if their partner tries to play them.


Decisive and passionate

If you are not a really compatible pair, they will decide to leave you, but if everything is good, they will work on these relationships.


And their cons are:

They are stubborn and it’s hard to make them accept even the most rational position.


How to Date


How to Date Scorpio

To date your Scorpio crush, be ready to follow a path that can likely make them yours. This guide can help you in dating.


Be Committed to Each Other

Scorpios are faithful and like taking and receiving care. Yet in the beginning of a relationship they are more likely to listen to their guts.


Play Games on Their Terms

They love to have control over any situation. You can maintain yours of course, but tend to play up to their level of expectations.


Battle for Their Attention

They are competitors and love to hunt and being hunted. Play with them a game of who’s faster to get other’s attention and make them fall in love firsrt.


Make Them Chase After You

As we told above, they like to hunt. Tease them with some bait – even make something really sweet for them – and ditch them for some time. This will make them challenged, and they love to solve problems.


Stand Up To Your Means

Disagree if you feel like it. Scorpios appreciate genuine people who can stand for their point. They are also very supportive and can share your position if they agree or really like you.


There are some things you should do when dating a Scorpio:


And things to avoid:


Astrology Dodecahedron


Relationship Compatibility of Scorpio and Other Zodiac Signs


See who should Scorpio date and who can date them:


Aries Aries Collision of their emotional and sexual mentalities is a source of energy for them and everyone around, yet couple can explode and damage each other – they last as long as there is enough work on the perfect balance from both sides
Taurus Taurus They represent the axis of life and death, sex and love, obsession and emotions – they are a conception of life together, and when they establish a balance, they relationship can have an incredible creative power
Gemini Gemini Rare pairing, but when they learn each other’s lessons they can be very happy with a fact that they changed their approach to life
Cancer Cancer They both can get hurt when their emotional balance is off, but when their balance is good, they can achieve an unreachable level of emotionality and stay together for a lifetime
Leo Leo Challenging, yet intense couple – their relationships can work because they are in search for same things and can end up focused on each other
Virgo Virgo Incredible couple, full of energy and excitement, yet if they will be dark with each other, they both can get depressive – and people around them too
Libra Libra Intense and intimate couple that can realize their hidden temptations together, but this relationship can’t be satisfying if they won’t have separate personal lives
Scorpio Scorpio Challenging couple – they have qualities, which they hate in each other – they need to grow over this to open up with their emotions and tenderness
Sagittarius Sagittarius They can make a good couple if they won’t expect things from each other which are not natural for them – stop being too wary of things that have a small chance to happen
Capricorn Capricorn They make an incredible couple regarding their deep emotions, clear focus on each other and reliability
Aquarius Aquarius A couple of extremes – they always expect change one from another, and their fixed qualities do not allow them to be easy on emotions, yet with enough respect they can get an unspeakable depth of feelings
Pisces Pisces Very good potential for a couple if they won’t play each other’s opposite role – they need to understand and accept each other on intuitional level, so their love can last forever