Dating a Sagittarius

Dating an Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

People with Sagittarius Zodiac sign tend to be extroverted, enthusiastic and optimistic, they love changes and to change everything. They can and like to transform their big ideas to action, but for something less important than a life purpose – they can get lazy.

Their need to be in touch with the world contradicts with their passion to do serious things by themselves. This makes Sagittarius a little hard to date and have relationships with. To charm them, be sure to read this entire article. We will be covering all aspects of dating and establishing a relationship, their pros and cons, compatibility.


About Sagittarius in Terms of Dating

To make your Sagittarius crush your romantic partner, you need to know how to win their appreciation. This description of their sign can make dating process easier, since you will know what to expect.



They love to laugh. Sagittarius can make fur from anything – this is their nature. So don’t take their sarcasm personal and serious. And when you get sad, they will try to make you laugh too – there are not bad manners, they are just trying to relax you. Make their life fun and they will fall in love with you.



Sagittarius like to experience new things and visit new places. They strive to get out of their comfort zone and boring homes.



They speak what they think. Sagittarius doesn’t want to hurt your feelings – they are just being honest – with themselves in a first place.


Emotionally Grounded

They are not weepy or too emotional. Sagittarius are sincere, but do not show their emotions to other people with and exception for close ones like their romantic partner.


They Like Freedom

So if you tell them to do something, prepare for a directly opposite act. They can’t live in a box and don’t tolerate their freedom to be restricted.



They like to tell stories full of moral and sense. Ideal first date for them is any place where they are in a spotlight – take them to karaoke, for example.


Sweet Parents

Sagittarius are good at taking care of kids. Their optimistic and humorous mentality will make children have a happy time.



Never put Sagittarius in a situation when they have to choose between their nearest and dearest. It is better to gather all together – they and their family or friends, you (and preferably your closest too).



They like new experiences and they definitely know how to handle a situation if something goes wrong. Sagittarius have quick minds, lots of knowledge and experience.


Pros and Cons of Dating and Relationship with Sagittarius

Sagittarius, as other Zodiac signs, have their positive and negative traits.

Their pros are:


Yet their cons are:



How to Date


How to Date Sagittarius

To date Sagittarius, you need to understand their Zodiac sign and be full of ideas of how to charm them. Our guide can help you to do so.


Make Them Feel Free

Don’t restrict them. They like to explore and don’t get along with people who tries to hold them – rather jump on a train of adventures yourself. Notably, this part of their behavior does not go away when they are dating or in a relationships. If it’s uncomfortable for you – maybe it is better not to start trying at all.


Don’t Let them Get Bored

If you have an eye of a Sagittarius person, you’ve already noted that they are not about routine. This spreads on everything from food and hobbies to even people. They can’t sit in one place.


Understand Them

They are not bad-mannered people who lack tact. They are just blunt, which can be viewed as a positive trait too – if you like to change everything for better yourself. They naturally don’t see any sense in being a closed liar. Sagittarius are not malicious – they are just expressing their sincere individual personality.


Appreciate Their Enthusiasm

They love to be outdoors and do different things. If you too – you can be a great couple. Yet don’t try to imitate active life position to charm them – they are both unstoppable and won’ slow their pace, and intellectual to spot it.


Understand Their Lack of Emotions

They are viewed as stoic and ones without emotions – in some sort, it’s true. But they have a lot of feelings, ideas and think a lot – make them open up for you, since they can do so in a relationship.


Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Sagittarius

Sagittarius – as any other Zodiac sign – have their own treatment methods when dating.


Engage in conversations

They are really talkative and can do so for hours if you support them.


Think extremes

Sagittarius tend to change their mind about the same thing as much as dozens time per day, and if they love or hate something – this is the most important thing in life for them right now.


A leopard can’t change its spots

Accept them the way they are.


And never


Be boring

Sagittarius are fun and expect the same from everyone around, because their minds tend to change a lot and you don’t know when their next big idea comes.


Hold them on a leash

They need a lot of freedom, peace and ability to do their own things even without their partners.

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Relationship Compatibility of Sagittarius and Other Zodiac Signs


This is the table of who should Sagittarius date and who to avoid:


Aries Aries Couple with a potential for their vision and focus to combine – if their views on life are not opposite and they respect each other, they can make anything possible
Taurus Taurus The most beneficent pairing among all Zodiac signs – if they synchronize their pace and stop expecting dark things from each other, they can have a lot of fun
Gemini Gemini Adventurous, humorous, communicative and fast-moving couple, which can have wonderful relationships
Cancer Cancer They share love for knowledge and similar beliefs, but they rarely get attracted to each other – or it is not mutual and only one of them falls in love with other
Leo Leo Couple with a strong bond – they connect creativity and vision, focus and passion, yet need to be not so rough and more careful to each other’s soft sides
Virgo Virgo Not a fairytale couple, but if they can discover their deep mutual love and special vision of the world, they can make everything beautiful
Libra Libra Intense and intimate couple that will depend of personal factors of each other – their relationships will be enjoyable at least in sexual terms
Scorpio Scorpio Pretty good couple – if they won’t expect changes from each other, their relationships can give a lot to both of them
Sagittarius Sagittarius Unreliable and unstable relationships most of the time – their adventures and love story won’t last long
Capricorn Capricorn Couple that is protective of each other – bond of builder and visionary, they can create anything as long with little or no efforts as they both want it
Aquarius Aquarius Spiritual pairing in search for a higher truth – they can form a deep emotional bond that will inspire them and everyone around
Pisces Pisces Optimistic, humorous and lovely relationships, yet to last they need to respect differences of each other