Dating a Pisces

Dating an Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces is a Zodiac sign which is characterized by romantic nature and living in their dreams. They love traditional romantic attention signs. To date them, you need to be caring and romantic – and you can be a great match!

To know how you can charm Pisces, be sure to read this entire article. It is covering aspects of dating, pros and cons of this Zodiac in romantic aspects. Following the instructions, you can build a happy relationship full of love for each other!


About Pisces in Terms of Dating

Consider characteristics of Pisces to get an appreciation from them. These recommendations can help you well.


Pisces Are Old-schooled

This Zodiac is artistic and intelligent. They don’t like negative o phony people. With them, you need to be true to yourself and work on finding compromises.


They Are Creative

Pisces like to express themselves in variety of ways – it is one of the most important things in their life. In relationship, Pisces seek for freedom to realize their ideas – or they will retreat in their own mind, eventually leaving you.


Pisces Are Generous And Loving

They naturally help and give attention to people around more than themselves – family, friends and, of course, their partner. The best way to support them is to tell that it’s not selfish to care about themselves too – at least sometimes.


Pisces Are Traditional Romantics

An ideal date for them is like those we see in movies. Private, intimate and fun. Walking in a night city, catching up in a cozy corner at a restaurant or making a picnic on a private beach is their favorite way of getting closer.


They Are All About Sincerity

You can’t impress Pisces with a number on a paycheck for a present to them. Rather do something memorable, useful and personal yourself. They like to know what you feel – not how much you make at your work. Pisces appreciate personality and intelligence before anything else – only this can really spark feelings for you inside them.


Pisces Live Off Relationships

They are true romantics – not that they just know how to impress a person, they need to do so to survive. They live in a world of two – their partner and themselves. Pisces are inspired by sentimentality, sharing true feelings for each other and being a genuine individual. For them, phrase “I love you” is not just words – it is a memorable event of finding someone they really appreciate, someone to share what they feel.


Pisces Can’t Tolerate Rough Treatment

And they can’t get along with people who tend to say something that is not true – either in argument to let it heat, or in regards of feelings for each other to get their attention. Pisces are sensitive and want to hear only truth – preferably something positive of course.


Pisces Are Not About Hierarchy

They do not get a leader-follower. For them, in relationships both of you are individuals with your own rights and freedom. They need to feel independence – not a “traditional” role-play.


They Are Very Intelligent and Rational, but Still Stick to an Intuition More

Pisces have a good intuition and rely on facts less. But if “gut feeling” and science have same views on something – they will be glad they are right. Yet they do not like to argument how and why they took one decision over another – even if all facts are clear as the sky and there are not in their favor.


Pisces are very sensual in intimate aspects

Pisces prefer romantic love full of feelings. Their sexual life is very sensual, they are interested to give a pleasure to a whole body – not to mention minds of each other.


They Are Dreamers by Their Nature

Pisces are always with their minds flying somewhere in clouds. This makes them look a little bit detached from this world, but they are most likely thinking of their partner. In a relationship, don’t burst their bubble – rather join them. Yet it’s better to have a plan “B” just in case their dreams won’t work out, since most likely you are the one in couple to be fully rational.


Pros and Cons of Dating and Relationship with Pisces


As every other Zodiac sign, Pisces have their own pros and cons in terms of dating and a relationship:


How to Date

How to Date Pisces

There is a good way to date Pisces and get their appreciation to build a happy relationship full of love. Read through it and decide which steps can work for you.


Plan and Set Romantic Dates with Pisces

All astrologers agree on this: Pisces are a romantic type of people; they prefer to dream, think and share their feelings. Romantic, intimate dates in a private place appeals to their needs the best way. Pisces love candlelit dinners (preferably at home than in a restaurant); long walks at night in places with little or no other people and so on. So, when deciding and planning a date, stick to a traditional way.

You can choose a restaurant with a romantic vibe. To do so, browse internet and look for reviews – look for an intimate interior with live classic music and interesting dishes. Another date idea – with more fun and less spending – is a beach picnic. Look for a place where you can rent a boat, grab some snacks (and something like a guitar if you can play on it) and your very own little travel is settled.


Engage With a Traditional Way of Romantic

Pisces are all about traditional romantic! Using these methods really helps to get appreciation from this Zodiac: it shows exactly what you want from them – relationship. For a first date, bring something like chocolate, flowers or a handmade card. Take care of them in a little things – this creates a bond between you on a romantic level.


Plan Relaxing Events

Pisces have hypersensitive minds and are easy to get overstimulated. Loud nightclub is not their place – rather look for a low-key intellectual, romantic or funny event. On a date, avoid crowds of people – if you are planning an activity in a public place, don’t choose peak hours.


Choose Occasions

Pisces can get closer to you faster if you pick a good reason to do something. With that, they are down for anything intimate – invite them to your place with a prepared dinner, play table games for two and so on.


Visit Plays and Movies

Astrologers keep telling us that Pisces love creative events. They like little fantasies to be inspired. Enjoy a good story with you patner.


Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Pisces


Do these things when dating Pisces:


On the other side, never:



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Relationship Compatibility of Pisces and Other Zodiac Signs


See who Pisces can date – and who can date them:


Aries Aries Small chances to find a balance between scream and silence, but when done – everything feels saturated
Taurus Taurus Everyday fairytale, which may not last long
Gemini Gemini Some couples like this are really close, and some are rather opposite
Cancer Cancer Mutual emotions and fast falling in love
Leo Leo Lack of trust and security, not really compatible
Virgo Virgo Partners would have a challenge to find a compromise, but when they do they become a power couple
Libra Libra Challenging because of misunderstandings between each other
Scorpio Scorpio Perfect duo if they won’t try to play each other’s opposite roles
Sagittarius Sagittarius Optimistic and fun relationships which requires respect for individuality of each other
Capricorn Capricorn Stable and inspiring relationship – outcomes are proportional to inputs
Aquarius Aquarius Strong connection and love, but they need to find an emotional balance
Pisces Pisces Rare chance to find a balance, but if it’s found – everything they do is a creation