Dating a Libra

Dating an Libra Zodiac Sign

Dating Libras is an exciting process and definitely a new social experience for any Zodiac sign. They can be characterized as complicated and mysterious, creative and intelligent. Libras like everything new and fall for anything except routine. Romance with them is exciting as well.

To date a Libra person and eventually make them your relationship partner, you have to learn their behavior. If you want you romance to be successful, be sure to read this article to the end – we will cover aspects of dating, their pros and cons, compatibility and so on.


About Libra in Terms of Dating

To charm your Libra crush, you need to know them well. To learn more about this Zodiac sign, read this description of their traits.


The Most Social Sign

People love them – and they love people. If you are a jealous one or like to stay at home, this is hardly a perfect match for you.



You can never compliment them enough. This is not the best strategy to charm them too – or you’ll need to do it really a lot.


Hard On Themselves

They like to judge themselves too. They might not agree, but they need a partner who can calm Libras in this aspect.


Good in Solving Problems

If you have any tough situation, you can always ask Libra for help. Or, they will likely do everything they can when you just start to think of it.


They Are Stars

And they will shine in your relationship. It doesn’t matter for them if you want it or no.



They want to love and be loved. They don’t feel comfortable alone in romantic aspects. In a relationship, Libras will make you a center of their live and will commit all the attention and care they can possible give.



There is no problem for Libras to make you fall in love with them. And other people to – it happens on its own. An ideal situation for Libras anywhere is the one when they can charm as much people as possible. As we told, is doesn’t mean anything and happens on its own most of the time, but they seek for attention.



They are sincere and can’t lie without being self-conscious after it. And despite all the attention they get – they are not cheaters.


Attracted to Conversationalists

They love to talk and listen. This is one of their biggest values in life including relationships.


Old Souls

They choose only finest everywhere they go. Good food, art, people around and so on. Libras have a great taste and huge intelligence, which makes them a living filter if you prefer everything to be the best.


Pros and Cons of Dating and Relationship with Libra


Libras have positive and negative traits when it comes to dating – as any other sign does. Their pros are:


Good taste

Namely, they will never get you a bad birthday present, because they are smart and caring.


Beauty and charisma

They are very graceful and sweet.


They prefer quality over quantity

In things and, of course, people (yet it is hard to find and absolute perfection).


They are loyal

And no other Zodiac sign will treat you better.


Yet their cons are:


They are really selective

Libras can be perfectionists, yet if they do fall in love with you, this means you are a good catch.


They are indecisive

You will have to choose this and that for them, so they don’t spend too much time and energy when making decisions.


They always get attention due to their beauty

And act accordingly, trying to get it (it also means that it’s hard to charm them by different gestures).



How to Date

How to Date Libra


Be Beautiful

To charm a Libra, you better be of the same beauty level. Dress up for dates, take care after your body, clothes, make-up and accessories. They like to be surrounded with nice-looking people.

Visit Places of Culture

They appreciate high society, culture, crowded places, knowledge and meanings behind everything. These interests point us to perfect places to go on a date – museums, theaters and classic music events. Or rather something more active, like rock-concerts and cinemas.

Be Elegant

And when going on a date, pick something fancier, pricier and more impressive then places you visit on other occasions. Try going to a restaurant that’s discussed by everybody in the city.

Plan or Organize Group Events

Those with Libra Zodiac sign like to do everything in front of people – even dating with a new person for the first time. If you are comfortable with this approach of life, be up to them and visit some crowded places – preferably, in a row. Namely, you can plan a double date with your mutual friends or strangers. Or both of you can grab their nearest and dearest and make an outdoor party.


Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Libra


To charm a Libra person and make them your romantic partner, be sure to:


Give them attention and compliments

Lots of these, since they are naturally popular among others and are used to it (be sure you tell only truth).


Have manners

Be social and ready to dress up a little for a date.


Give them space

To take care of you and never underestimate or doubt their loyalty or love.


When dating

Opt for quality rather than quantity.


And never:


Regulate them

Despite they are both perfectionists and indecisive persons, they will get insulted when your possess, because their expect as much loyalty as they have for you.


Restrict them from social communications

Yes, Libras might even flirt back with others when those start, but this is definitely more of high manners then a personal appreciation of somebody.

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Relationship Compatibility of Libra and Other Zodiac Signs


See this table to know who should Libra date and who can date them:


Aries Aries When they fall in love with each other deeply, any problem on their way solves easily – they have a lot of strength, energy, sense and passion, so nothing is impossible
Taurus Taurus Rare pairing, yet if they do find a mutual understanding they can become a most tender couple of all signs
Gemini Gemini Strange couple – yes, they are both intellectual and dreamers, but they need to accept each other’s differences and nature
Cancer Cancer This can be a beautiful relationship if they both get to respect each other’s personalities and learn to live their personal life with own interests and so on
Leo Leo It’s hard for them to find balance of respect and responsibility, but when they do, this couple can have long-lasting productive and creative relationships
Virgo Virgo Too rational pairing when they are together – their chance is to have enough patience for each other and learn how to be more emotional
Libra Libra They are both in search for a tactful, kind and sometimes strict romantic partner – they need a lot of intimacy and respect to succeed, but when they do so it can be a happy pair
Scorpio Scorpio An intense couple that awakes the darkest dreams of each other – they can get intimate and saturated, but they need to have their independent lives to be established too
Sagittarius Sagittarius Intimate and emotional sign pairing which can really enjoy their sensual aspects of relationships
Capricorn Capricorn When they do fall in love with each other, this couple can create anything they want to (and when they want to), but to do so they need to open up mutually
Aquarius Aquarius They do not get along at all, but their strong intellectual power can help them overcome incompatibility and be together in spite of horoscopes
Pisces Pisces They can fall in love fast, get along fast, yet break up fast too – they need to cherish each other’s personalities, so this excitement can last a lot