Dating a Leo

Dating an Leo Zodiac Sign

People with Zodiac sign of Leo are very interesting and can make relationships more saturated. As the real kings and queens of the jungle, they tend to be bossy, outspoken and bold. In a romantic field, they need a partner who can stand up to them. Yet they love to be challenged and do not get along with people who agree with anything they say.

To charm a Leo and make them your romantic partner, you need to know a special way to treat them. To do so, be sure to read this entire article – we will be covering all aspects of dating and establishing relationships, their pros and cons, compatibility with other signs.


About in Terms of Dating Leo

To charm a Leo, get to know their Zodiac first. These recommendations can make the process easier.


They Like Attention and Being Sure You Like Them

Don’t try to make them jealous. They won’t be competing with others to get your liking.


They are Leaders

They don’t tolerate being told what to do – Leos get along best with those who let them be a star. They like to be a boss in a leader-follower relationship model.


They Have Huge Ambitions

Leos are good on their own, so relationships for them are a chance to have a partner who will support them. They don’t like whining and need to do their thing when improving your relationships – don’t hold them back.


They Are Dramatic A Little

Leos are not shy of conflicts – they are exactly the opposite. They love solving problems – their, your mutual and even your personal. Appreciate them for readiness to help anytime.
And they get it when people display their affection in a dramatic way. Dream the perfect relationship model – and they will help you in achieving it together.


They Like To Impress Their Partner

Leos love being admired. They always have energy to try to outplay you and win every day and they need a follower in a romantic relationship.


They Like To Shine On Everybody

Namely, the best first date for them can be the one Leos organized themselves. Hint them with an idea and they will do all planning – they won’t lose an opportunity to show you how good they are in communicating with people.


They Have a Warm Heart

Even Leos’ love to achieve things and their independence won’t make them to forget their friends and romantic partner. They believe that you can be happy only when positivity is shared with others.


They Are Sneaky In Feelings

Leos are actually really sensitive – they just know how to hide it. When they are sulky and you don’t know the reason behind that – there is a good chance you insulted their ego.


They Are Affective In Bed

They love to give and receive challenges and praising. Even in this sensual aspect of life.


They Are Ascetic

Leos don’t need much to be happy. They need only a small amount of maintenance from outside.


Pros and Cons of Dating and Relationship with Leo

Leos have their own pros and cons in terms of communicating, dating and relationships.


Their positive sides are:


Yet their negative trait is:


How to Date


How to Date Leo

To date a Leo person and eventually make them your partner, consider this information:


They are all different

Know your particular Leo and do what works best for them.



They get passionate quickly – especially to ones who appreciate them. Woo them – they can get swept up from traditional romantic gestures.


Keep up with them

They are natural leaders and need someone who can go with their pace – or they will prefer to stay alone for some time more.


Compliment your Leo

They love attention, appreciation for anything they do. Yet be honest and genuine – never lie to them about your feelings.


Get them to open up

Leos appear to be confident and assured in front of public, but they always keep some secrets. Your role in relationship will be to make them open up so they see that you know and like them no matter what.
Understand their natural tendencies to be a leader. You need both to stand up for yourself, but accept advices and help from your Leo. Their personality is very strong.


Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Leo

Leos, as any other sign, have their own ways of treatment.


To charm them, do:


And don’t:


Astrology Dodecahedron


Relationship Compatibility of Leo and Other Zodiac Signs


See, who should Leo date, and who can date them:


Aries Aries This pairing has a chance of creating passionate, warm and productive relationship which is worth to fight for, yet their bond will be tested for faith and truth
Taurus Taurus This couple will be a representation of love with one of them being quiet and sensual, and other one – loud and passionate
Gemini Gemini Imagine two children playing – this is the best words to describe this couple, since one is always on the go and full of ideas, and second one is secure, strong and ready to fight with circumstances in order for their fun to continue
Cancer Cancer This couple is most likely to succeed among other sign pairings, because they do understand each other’s personalities and differences in them
Leo Leo Satisfying and perfect relationship as long as they do respect each other unconditionally – any battle can split them up
Virgo Virgo Rare relationship couple, because they tend not to end up emotionally close and intimate, yet they can be two stable and rational people with things to do for each of them
Libra Libra To get along, this pairing needs to work on finding balance, respect and responsibility in front of each other – this way they can have a creative and productive relationship which will last long
Scorpio Scorpio They can make a challenging and intense couple, yet they might end up solely focused on each other, which is not always the best thing
Sagittarius Sagittarius This couple represents a connection of creativity and vision, focus and passion – if they stay careful and calm to each other, they will be a nice pair
Capricorn Capricorn Challenging, because both of them have strong will and are unmovable, yet with the same goal they can achieve anything they want in life
Aquarius Aquarius Explosive and passionate pairing – they will nurture their own personalities while respecting each other, which sometimes leads to both of them expecting leading actions from another
Pisces Pisces Leo will often burst Pisces’ sensitive world, plus there are not enough security and trust always – the best chance is to try creating a fairytale approach (which they both rarely stick to)