How to Date a Libra Man

July 2, 2018 - Dating

How to date a Libra Man

He is charming, gallant, pleasant and polite in the relations with an opposite sex. All these qualities very much are pleasant to women who wish to approach him. However he let in to his world not everyone and for this purpose it is necessary to try and correspond to all his ideals and representations. There are special receptions which will help to resolve this issue very quickly and to receive desirable result.


Skillful diplomat

Search of balance and harmony brings such man into diplomacy or make him a conformist. But it doesn’t say that he constantly makes a compromise and in everything agrees with all. His improbable talent gradually to force to dance people around. And let all think that it is quite easy to operate this sign representatives, their delusion costs very much to them as through short time everything develops as Libra Man wish, he manages unostentatiously to change opinion and outlook of those who surround him.


Lack of roughness

You will never dating Libra men if you roughly or act with a pressure. He doesn’t suffer coercion and his esthetic perception of reality sharply suffers from any manifestation of incorrectness. Even involuntarily escaped abusive word can forever avert such man from you. No, he won’t most likely cease communicate with you, but the subject of love to you will be closed. He reacts also to provocative impudence’s. Libra Man considers that only he can look after, show an initiative, tempt. And the woman has to wait obediently until he deigns to pay the attention to her.



For Libra man dating all attributes from his side as flowers and candy period are very important. Flowers, serenades under a balcony, visits of cinema or of theater, the first shy kisses (even if you for him the №10). Therefore don’t force an event, play by his rules. This is not that person who will estimate sex on the first appointment if only he doesn’t need an urgent discharge, and you aren’t in his long-term plans. Be romantic, appear before him in an image of elegant mysteriousness and choose dresses of the muffled, pastel tones. Libra Man doesn’t suffer brightness beating eyes. Therefore the most successful option will be: color of a sea wave, dark-blue, hushfully green. Also don’t experiment with styles. Libra Man hates bad taste, kitsch as he reacts to it very painfully.


Tact Feeling

Everything that is out from a harmonious picture of the world, forces Libra Man to be nervous and respectively to tear away it from the life. Therefore he recognizes only what will fit into his world as if initially it was a component of this world. And for this purpose you should become for him necessary as air, warm and tender as sunlight, beautiful as Renaissance pictures. And at the same time not to state him the claims and not to parade the desires.


How to date a Libra man

Most of all in the life he strives for harmony and tranquility in the world. He tries to avoid in every way various quarrels, large scandals and other unpleasant situations including in the relations. Therefore, he will hardly be attracted by the woman who at his presence will swear and to openly show the anger to people around. If you really want dating a Libra man, it is worth approaching each situation quietly and wisely. He has one unpleasant quality, even as the lover, he cannot admit to himself the shown feelings. And he isn’t ready to tell about them to people around at all. Therefore he can long make up the mind to the first step to which it is worth pushing him. But it is worth making it so thinly that he has noticed nothing. Such behavior can be explained also with the fact that he very seriously treats love and doesn’t wish to make mistakes.


How to subdue the Libra man

He is aimed for the stable and reliable relations, however quite often in him can arise desire to feel risk and to begin a new romantic adventure. To get rid of this desire, he will be able to be near that girl whom he will feel quietly. He doesn’t take out the constant pressure, manipulations and scandals. If it is observed in his life, then he will try to find a way how to escape from it.

Besides the charming and pleasant woman, the friend to whom he will be able to let into his secrets, Libra man likes to consult from time to time. For dating Libra man, once he shows these qualities, woman shouldn’t saw him in each insignificant occasion, try treats the events easier, and then he will praise such friend to high heaven and will hardly undertake the decision to leave the beloved.


How to win Libra man forever

It should be noted at once that he rather reluctantly decides to marry. In his imagination that means the termination of his freedom, impossibility of flirtation with other women, to emergence of new duties and so on. Therefore he will think twice before making the proposal of the beloved without who he doesn’t even think his own life. To help him take this step it is necessary to push him to this decision.

You shouldn’t limit his freedom which means to him a lot of things. Also it is worth letting him know, that the loved one will never deride him and in contrary, will help to solve many difficult problems in life. He is created for joint life with someone that will help him to find harmony. This why having shown similar qualities, his woman be able to count that she will shortly receive the desirable offer.


The most important! What woman is best for him

Rare woman can reconcile to the fact that her man knows answers to ALL her questions, especially, if he at the same time isn’t asked about anything. And it is necessary to reconcile. Because for Libra man everything looks as a rational link, harmony and logic.

He can’t live without love which is necessary to him as an air. In the personal relations he finds harmony and the real happiness. However in view of the character, the present uncertainty and desire to analyze each situation can make difficult to take the first step. Therefore the initiative in this union is quite often shown by the woman, who will be able in the well-known ways to bring it to the necessary decision.