How to Date a Leo Man

July 4, 2018 - Dating

How to date a Leo Man

The Leo Man is a person of royal blood and adores being in the focus of attention. There is nothing he likes better then meat as he Leo after all, so give him the chance to prove to be. He has the real demonstrative type of the personality: everything that does – on public. The man Leo hasn’t got used to hesitate about people, in contrary, he will get out of skin only not to remain unnoticed, likes to draw a lot of attention and to shock public.

The Leo Man is a real holiday. He is charming and witty every day. But when in public life calm and on the horizon isn’t expected the Brazilian carnivals, the Leo Man organizes own celebrations in honor of own favourite. Among invited will be family, friends all who are ready to nod and pretend distinctly that him lectures, instructions and other morals of the Leo are interesting. He is so selflessly in love with himself and a sound of the voice that people around consider amusing. When there are no grateful listeners the Leo Man is capable to do anything with one purpose – not to be unknown. A sneer company it isn’t so important, the main thing again – to stay in the center of attention that about him, loved, spoke. Yes, near such hot man it is possible to forget about boredom. He also will involve you in real carnival.


The most vainglorious zodiac sign

For Leo it is vital to admired them, they must be appreciated and loved. The Leo Man and the ideal wife look for on these qualities. When dating a Leo Male she needs to listen with an open mouth with only phrases interrupting like “Ah, you, as always, are right!” or “Darling, you such clever, i would never guess it!” for life to indulge his self-admiration and to be reconciled with his royal whims.


How to date a Leo Man

The Leo Man is imperious and emotional. As the real king, he doesn’t suffer discussion and furthermore non-obedience to the orders (in peaceful life to requests). It is simple to calm such man, rather delighted look and rough flattery and already proud and powerful Lion at your legs. The Leo Man is jealous. He is an owner to the core therefore, having become his “lioness”, you get under vigilant control. But, if to work by rules of the Leo Man then he is not so contradict, smile, love and admire, wishing to get rid of jealousy, than he will return a hundredfold too: he will be kind, grateful, cheerful and tender. Charismatic and noble he will introduce the good mood and a never-ending positive to the house. From the Leo Man the mad power proceeds, he has charisma and because of that he is excellent manager who is respected and loved by his subordinates. He is passionate and brilliant. Real king. From woman id she interested in Leo Men dating is only required to love this man in all sincerity. The Leo is capable of gallant and noble acts, he won’t begin to waste time on trifles and clamp money for a design bagatelle necessary to you, he is kingly generous, especially with closest “loyal”. To live with this man not easy because he is constantly eager for attention and adoration. But that is really interesting as it is necessary to be constantly in good shape, to keep to the Japanese diet, to study yoga and to remember rules of treatment of such here royal predators.


Admiration and compliments – half of success

Probably you know the legend about the man, who so liked to look at own reflection in the lake that he has fallen in water once and has drowned, is it familiar to much? Here Leos often brings self-admiration – the only, but serious vulnerability of this sign. Therefore if you want to dating a Leo Man then, first of all, it is necessary to become his “mirror”, that will reflect of all magnificence of “king of beasts”. Of course, it doesn’t mean at all that you have to pretend and lie constantly, just don’t forget to give him compliments, emphasizing with that admiration.


Loving couple

You praise on any, even to the most insignificant occasion. Compare aloud male Leo to other men, at the same time surely noting his superiority over them. Someone who dating Leo Men and tells something like “Pure subservience!”, will also be deeply mistaken. Such is the nature of this fiery sign – lions need recognition of people around and confirmation of own greatness. There is no more reliable way to draw to themselves attention of a Leo man and furthermore to enter with him into the romantic relations except how to create for him a comfortable situation – boundless adoration.

Compatibility with other signs


The Leo Man compatibility


Leo woman

The Leo woman in such union is outstanding and ambitious personalities face. At the same time both facilitates and complicates business. Independence and self-affirmation that is what really aspire both partners. The woman should learn when she dating Leo Man to be weak as the man would like to protect her. In general this union is successful, thanks to similarity of temperaments, and does well to both.


Virgo woman

Gravity and pedantry of the Virgo can irritate Leo and cause him discontent. Nevertheless, representatives of these signs usually understand each other from a half-word. The Virgo woman will be able to bring in imperial and wide life of Leo. The necessary orderliness without which, he risks to lose all the riches. And subsequently, he will be grateful to her for it.


Libra woman

With Libra woman its romantic union. These two are attracted to each other as there too much in common: love to luxury, art and social life. However to Libra women, coquettish by nature, it isn’t necessary to make advances to other men too. For Leo, vanity and pride is his sore points, and he won’t allow to play with it. So, it is very successful union if Libra treats it with understanding.


Scorpio woman

With Scorpio woman union is possible as race for power. However, the wise woman can pretend that she hands over the reins in the Leo’s man hands. All of this is pleasant to him, like her mystery and attention which she is surrounded. Both signs hate dullness and monotony, love adventures and bright impressions, this why at the correct cast everything can quite turn out. Its definitely won’t be boring.