Dating a Gemini

Dating an Gemini Zodiac Sign


People of Gemini Zodiac sign tend to be talkative, versatile, mentally active and curious. They like to go hand-in-hand together with their companion – it symbolises their nature of duality. Gemini are fun and active, yet they have their weak points and aspects that make relationships hard to start and maintain.

They are one of the most complex signs of Zodiac – Gemini like adventures, being on the go and don’t appreciate marriages early since getting to know each other. To make them your romantic partner, be sure to read this entire article – we will be covering all aspects of dating, compatibility and relationship, pros and cons, what to do and not to do to charm them.


About Gemini in Terms of Dating

Gemini have their own characteristics which makes them hard to date sometimes. Read a description of their mentality and take this as an advice to know them close – this will help you in relationships between you and your Gemini partner.



With Gemini, it happens is all aspects of life. Forget about eating at the same restaurants, living in the same place for too long and so on. Their life is an adventure, and if you are willing to live like this – Gemini partner is a perfect match for you.


Very Social

Gemini are anything but home persons. At the same time, they like to take a day off every now and then, spending couple days on a couch. Confusing, but this is their nature.



Loyal and faithful, they still love to flirt with other people – even in a relationship. Rarely, but it can get to a cheating situation – be ready either to excuse or to break up.



Gemini sign likes to talk a lot. First date might seem like a job interview. Yet there is no passing score – they appreciate persons who stay themselves.


Fun and Sarcastic

Gemini have a smart mouth, but sometimes they can straight annoy you. Don’t take is personal – be ironic to them too!



Gemini can decorate their house with a good taste. And yours too. Even if there is no reason at all.



Planning and Gemini do not get along. They can switch sides in last minutes. Either be a planning one in a couple, or give it a try to be spontaneous too.



Gemini like to analyze different situations – even if this does not lead to anything. They just love to think and have a lot of ideas.



They always stay motivated – more than any other Zodiac sign. Gemini love achieving different goals and be active.


Money Spenders

They tend to spend money fast and on a strange thing. Shoppers by their nature – and this does not eliminate with getting older.


A Little Crazy

Gemini are flippant and ambiguous. For them this is normal, yet for you – think yourself.


Curious (Rather – Noisy)

Gemini sign is Jack of all trades, but masters at nothing. They are intellectual people and prefer ideas even more than their realization.



Gemini can be proper at a family dinner, but get mad about something as soon as leaving the event. They like to look for truth while arguing.


Pros and Cons of Dating and Relationship with Gemini


Gemini have their positive and negative aspects in dating and relationships. Their good sides:



And negative sides are:



How to Date


How to Date Gemini

To charm Gemini, you don’t need to do anything hard. Just be sincere and genuine – and if you are meant for each other, a bond will be there too.


Listen To Their Ideas, Engage In a Conversation

They are natural chatters and love to discuss everything. Listen to them, talk to them, ask questions and even interrupt – this shows that you are in a conversation and have your own point and feelings.


Breathe Something New In Your Relationships

Gemini love being active and on the go. Experience new things – you can even try to leave them behind in a race of spontaneous acts. This will get them to appreciate you more! Don’t let them to get used to different situations – and they would make it mutual for you, making life a constant adventure.


Be Patient When They Are In a Bad Mood

Gemini tend to have mood swings. Be patient and supportive and see how fast their mood switches to motivated and fun again. It is much easier for them to live when they have an understanding partner.


Appreciate Gemini’s Inner Child

They like to explore and do stupid small thing sometimes – more than any other Zodiac sign. Gemini like jokes and pranks. But don’t take them personal when they do the same with you.


Be Prepared Both For Social Life and Moments of Quiet

Gemini are truly a social butterflies. Yet sometimes they need to have a rest – one or two days off. They charge with ideas, social energy and motivation and go to a field reloaded. When this time happens, it might be even better to leave your Gemini alone (try asking this or think yourself looking at their behavior).


Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Gemini


To charm Gemini, do:


And never:


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Relationship Compatibility of Gemini and Other Zodiac Signs


See who should Gemini date and who can date them:


Aries Aries Relationships can be adventurous, creative and initiative
Taurus Taurus Ideal couple in classic sense
Gemini Gemini Battle of minds, healthy arguing and clash of ideas – would be together as far as there are things to explore
Cancer Cancer Different positions in life, but of Cancer gives enough air and Gemini has understanding, it would be living and exciting relationship
Leo Leo They are like two children who like to play – ideas, always being on the go, leader-follower role model
Virgo Virgo Exciting, lovely relationship with a lot of activities of improving other’s lives
Libra Libra Intellectual, floating in clouds couple, but too much differences – if they get to understand each other, it would be wonderful
Scorpio Scorpio Rare type of relationships, but they can learn a lot from each other
Sagittarius Sagittarius Communicative, adventurous couple – interesting duo
Capricorn Capricorn When free from annoying each other, they together make use of just anything
Aquarius Aquarius Passion for intellectual activities and lots of excitement – as far as they take care of each other’s personalities
Pisces Pisces Not a dream couple, except if those two are meant for each other – this way, they would have a strong bond in just any aspect of life