Dating a Capricorn

Dating an Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Zodiac sign can be described by their individuality and independency, yet this doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be in a relationships. They can’t change themselves for someone else, but if you appreciate them as they are – working, entertaining, interested and excited – you will get along together.

To charm a Capricorn crush, be sure to read this entire guide – they need a unique approach in romantic aspects of life. We will be covering topics of dating and relationships, their pros and cons and compatibility with other Zodiac signs.


About Capricorn in Terms of Dating

To charm your Capricorn crush, be sure to know their Zodiac sign well. This description will help you to establish a relationship easier.


Not Impressive

Capricorns are hard to impress. They are not really emotional and can’t be swept of their feet easily, so this approach does not really work.


Cautious With Their Hearts

They have to do a screening of a person before they can trust them and open up. Capricorns do not allow just anybody in their complicated world.



They want to be special despite they are really careful about ones they love. They do everything in their own manner, yet want to be treated like their partner’s everything.



Capricorns are independent and can be stubborn sometimes. They like to do their work alone – on their own. But appreciate and understand them – this is their nature.


Slow To Fall In Love

While you might be trying to win their attention, they still will be slow on paying back. Capricorns are too careful with their hearts and, despite having a need to find a relationship, they allow themselves to fall in love only after a good time spent together.


They Are Cynical In A Positive Way

All they do is trying to be optimistic, yet they don’t really hit this mark. Capricorns are concerned that you will screw up something, so they try to warn you, saying not the most pleasant things. Don’t take it personal and look on it as a way of taking care of you.


Not Too Passionate

Capricorns are calm in their emotions – at least what they display and how they appear. It’s hard to charm your crush with special gestures, and it’s hard to evaluate a relationship with them as well.


Their Mood Changer Quickly

They go from 0 to 100. From hating to loving (and back – multiple times per day) very quick.


They Don’t Admit Their Feelings Early

When starting to date with Capricorn, prepare to them not saying compliments in the beginning. They have to trust you to open up.


They Are Not Interested In Much

It can be hard to entertain Capricorns. They tend to like what they chose by themselves – years ago.


Pros and Cons of Dating and Relationship with Capricorn

Capricorns have their own pros and cons – as any other Zodiac sign does.


When dating them, expect these positive traits:


Reliable and strong

Everything will go as you planned, they always are in time and achieving everything they said they would.


Committed, protective and careful

They will support you in anything and won’t leave you, because Capricorns are not the ones to leave or land you in trouble.


Yet these negative sides of their personality:


Too cautious of a lot of things

This can be irritating to their partners.


Emotionally grounded

They won’t really kiss you that much and say that they love you, but they don’t really get upset or psycho too;
they are snobs, and if they discover something in you that doesn’t math their perfect life goals, they will try to fix it in you.

How to Date


How to Date Capricorn

To date Capricorn partner, you need to:


Embrace work and career

They are dedicated to their jobs.


Dress up less flashy

Since Capricorns are old-hearted and traditional people.


Show your intelligence

And humor sense too – they love genuine characters.


Win their trust

Only this can help them to open up.


Forget about mind games

Capricorns don’t tolerate to be played, cheated or joked. They respond to it with an aggression.


Visit quiet places

For a first date, better make a dinner at home or visit some restaurant without much of crowd. Capricorn needs to see that you appreciate them, which you can prove by conversation on topics of your mutual interests.


Be patient

Capricorns are kind of slow – they open up, fall in love and change their mind for a long time. Understand that trait of them.


Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Capricorn


To win the appreciation of Capricorn on a first date, do:


Tell them you appreciate people who get things done

They are like so already, but now they will be motivated to impress you in particular.


Be ready for their actions

And look for situations when Capricorn can do them.


Resonate with them on a conversational level

They use a lot of words describing being in action, so use them too.


Appreciate their love for family

And everything what they do in general – they are in search for life-long partners to raise happy kids.


And never:


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Relationship Compatibility of Capricorn and Other Zodiac Signs


See who should Capricorn date and who can date them:


Aries Aries Their relationships are a reflection of their unconscious needs for accepting of most annoying things for them – they need to have a lot of mutual respect and patience to overcome some difficulties on their way
Taurus Taurus They do not really match in terms of looks on life, but they have a touch for each other mentally, satisfying each other’s needs with no exceptions
Gemini Gemini Quite annoying couple, which still can make use of anything when together
Cancer Cancer This pairing has a natural desire to be together – that way they can be really strong, since they are full of love to their ancestors and want to have a healthy family
Leo Leo Challenging relationships, since both signs are unmovable and have a strong will, yet if they do find the same goal – they can get really productive and successful
Virgo Virgo This couple will like depth in every aspect of life such as emotions, aesthetics, goals – this is a respectful and spiritual bond
Libra Libra When they do fall in love, everything starts to depend on timing – meeting and opening to each other in a right time can bond them together for a long time
Scorpio Scorpio Relationships with incredible breakthroughs, which is deep and reliable – they have a clear focus on each other and their communication
Sagittarius Sagittarius They are protective of each other, a combination of visionary and builder that can create anything if they agree on achieving it
Capricorn Capricorn They both tend to be stubborn, boring and stiff – each of them needs someone who is more emotional and sensitive, so they can keep Capricorn in balance
Aquarius Aquarius They often find a mutual language, yet to do so they need to be on a certain distance from each other, but working on getting close in search for intimacy for long enough can make them irreplaceable partners/td>
Pisces Pisces Capricorn are stabilizing, Pisces are inspiring – together they can set a strong boundary and share beliefs, which eventually will make them close