Dating a Cancer

Dating an Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Zodiac sign is characterized by their sense of belonging and family tendencies. They want to have kids and grandkids, respect their parents, grandparents and so on – including very far relatives. Cancers can be perfect lifetime partners to raise a dynasty. Plus, they are fun. Yet they have their own cons in communicating – we will cover it too.

To charm, date and have a relationship with Cancer person, you need to treat them in an own way – like any other sign. To make this process easier, we will cover all of the aspects – knowing Cancers, dating them, starting a relationship etc.


About Cancer in Terms of Dating

To charm any Zodiac sign, you have to know them at first. This description will help you understand Cancers.


They Are Pleasant

Cancers are most lovely, supporting and generous partners among all signs. Make them feel loved – and they will reply mutually with multiplied feelings, devoting their life to taking care of you and your kids.


Love Cozy Places

With coziest of them being their house. They might have spent years on arranging their space – don’t mess around with it. Rather be glad when they invite you in.


Their Emotions Are Like Rollercoaster

They can get happy, then sad – even about the same thing eventually. They always feel something besides calmness, and their feelings come and go without much decisions made based off of them.


Open Up Hardly

It is not easy to get to know Cancers. Expect to take leader’s role in dating and let them feel safe – that’s how you get a thing going.


Hate Conflicts

As persons naturally looking to find compromises, and emotional ones, Cancers don’t tolerate cussing. Even if it’s rational arguing or it’s needed to relieve stress for their partner, they will go out of their way to avoid conflict.


Disappointed Often

“Thanks” to their high expectations. Not too much people can live up to Cancers’ demands, so relationships are often breaking fast.


All About Being Protected

Insecurity in any means is Cancers’ worst enemy. If you can’t provide enough of it, they will look for it in someone else. Yet they would never cheat on you, and even a free Cancer won’t participate in a one-night-stand.


Going Out Is Not Really For Them

Perfect date for Cancers is a traditional candlelit dinner at home. Make an evening feel special and comfy.



They love, care and give a lot – we mean, really a lot! These times, remember that it’s a blessing to be loved by such committed person who does not allow too much people around.


Romantic and Sensual In Bed

They like traditional, relaxing and romantic atmosphere. Aroma candles, soft music, foreplay and cuddling after it.


Pros and Cons of Dating and Relationship with Cancer

Cancer have positive and negative sides of their personalities in terms of romantic relationships and dating – as all Zodiac signs do.


Their pros are:


Loving nature

When they feel something special, they will be caretaking, close and intimate, will never leave and make you feel special.

Compassion mentality

Cancers are deeply-understanding, listening and are never impulsive or judging.


They search for equation and peaceful ways to solve problems while staying lovely and giving.


Yet their cons are:


Too sensitive

Cancers are too sensitive – it is not 100% negative trait, yet it is bad for them to feel sorry for years after you excuse their mistake – even a small one.


They can get too possessive, forget about loving themselves and focus fully on giving care to others, they hold back their emotions and needs.


Their emotions change like tides of a sea, which makes them happy and kind in one time, and angry or depressive in others – it is impossible to predict how they will change their mind any given situation, since their mood is not really rational.


How to Date


How to Date Cancer

Dating Cancers often goes to extremes – either they really like you, or it’s completely opposite. To charm them, try:


Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Cancer

As any other sign, they have their own treatment methods.

Ways to treat Cancer:


But never:


Astrology Dodecahedron


Relationship Compatibility of Cancer and Other Zodiac Signs


Look who should Cancer date and who can date them:


Aries Aries Relationships can be adventurous, creative and initiative
Taurus Taurus Ideal couple in classic sense
Gemini Gemini Battle of minds, healthy arguing and clash of ideas – would be together as far as there are things to explore
Cancer Cancer Different positions in life, but of Cancer gives enough air and Gemini has understanding, it would be living and exciting relationship
Leo Leo They are like two children who like to play – ideas, always being on the go, leader-follower role model
Virgo Virgo Exciting, lovely relationship with a lot of activities of improving other’s lives
Libra Libra Intellectual, floating in clouds couple, but too much differences – if they get to understand each other, it would be wonderful
Scorpio Scorpio Rare type of relationships, but they can learn a lot from each other
Sagittarius Sagittarius Communicative, adventurous couple – interesting duo
Capricorn Capricorn When free from annoying each other, they together make use of just anything
Aquarius Aquarius Passion for intellectual activities and lots of excitement – as far as they take care of each other’s personalities
Pisces Pisces Not a dream couple, except if those two are meant for each other – this way, they would have a strong bond in just any aspect of life