Dating an Aquarius

Dating an Aquarius Zodiac Sign

An Aquarius is an astrological sign that can be characterized by high intellect, independence and intensity. Do date them, be ready to keep up.

If you want to know how to get over it and charm person with this Zodiac, be sure to read this entire article – we will cover all aspects of Aquarius dating, so you can build a strong and mutual relationship full of positivity and appreciation of each other.


About Aquarians in Terms of Dating

To get a favor from Aquarius, you have to consider their characteristics. Follow these recommendations and your chances will increase drastically.


You Need to Have a Trustful Communication with Each Other

Aquarians are noticeable for their way of thinking, weird fashion and low social activity. But there are actually a lot of ways to make a bond with them, such as a fact that they are very innovative people who love to solve different problems of any scale. Plus, most of the time they are heavily into either art, knowledge, creativity, religion or science. Their brains are always full of different ideas – some of them you can realize together.


They are Not Huge Romantics – You Have to Be Understanding, Not to Move Too Fast

Aquarians require intellectual and emotional bond – trying to be sensual since a very beginning might not get you anywhere in terms of dating a person with Aquarius sign. All of your romantic attention – they might see it cute or charming at best, but they will rarely consider it serious and personal. First of all, Aquarians look for soul and mind of a person, then for their visual appearance, and only after it – if ever – for romantic relationships. One of reasons for it is their self-control. If there is some connection already, but they respond with silence to any romantic things you do – don’t panic.


Aquarians and Romantic Physical Contacts

Aquarians are very sensitive even to a regular touching of their body. Since they in their dreams most of the time, it wakes them up. If it wakes up a person in a good way, they will be keen for you to touch – and vice versa.


Aquarians Depend of Their Variable and Strong Emotions

People with Aquarius sign are rather emotional – though sometimes, especially when you just started your communication, they can appear to be calm – even too much. Despite they might be viewed as detached, it’s all is a matter of their unexpected feelings of this world. Aquarians often feel insecure in relationships and can be very warm to get an appreciation from people they like. They are easy to hurt but it’s easy to make them happy too (again, if there is some emotional bond between you already). Be careful – they tend to feel misunderstood (which is a fact in a lot of situations), you need to find a way to get what they think and say.


Set Aquarians Free – They Like Both Physical and Mental Space

Aquarians crave space like fish do need water. We might call in antisocial, but they think that other people are too social – both will be right, these are subjective points of view. Aquarians in relationships still like to be alone from time to time.


Adjust to Their Schedule

Aquarians can be unpredictable – they pathologically in fear of routine, regulations and rules. The quickest way to lose a partner with this Zodiac is planning and doing a same thing for every weekend. Learn to find compromises or let go of situations.


Don’t Set Drama and Be Clear in Your Emotions

Aquarians, as we mentioned, are really emotional people – especially in relationships. But their intentions are always clean and sincere. With that, they would demand same from you.


Let Them Understand You Too

Aquarians are strong lovers, but to develop feelings they need time and – more important – trust. Considering that they tend to have a mentor position among their friends, it can be quite a work to make them feel easy with you.


Aquarians hate to fight

They do not judge – so should you. Don’t fight – argue calmly.


They are Prone to Mood Swings

They have multiple mood states – at least “friendly”, when you are the most charming person in the world, and “black”, when they are slaying people with their sarcasm and anger. To be with an Aquarian, prepare to bear it.


Aquarians are Creative and Innovational

They are full of ideas and easily one of most creative signs of Zodiac out there. If you are not dedicated to something (preferably mutual) as they are – there might be no room for a relationship in the first place.


Despite a Behavior, They are Extroverted

And they can make friends (in their own manner) everywhere they go! But it highly depends on whether there were persons that worth of attention form Aquarius perspective.


If You Love Your Aquarius Partner, Set Them Fee

Aquarians are individual people. They always need to have something personal – like their very own (and quite unusual) hobby. To be with them, you need to understand this.


Pros and Cons of Dating and Relationship with Aquarius

Aquarians – as any other Zodiac – are ambiguous in terms of is it a pleasure or not to date them. If you are ready to open up and feel them as they do feel you – a bond will be ten times stronger than with any other sign. Yet to do so, you have to keep up with their crazy life full of adventures.


How to Date


How to Date an Aquarius

This guide can help you dating an Aquarius:


Appeal to their intellect

They are unlikely to be swayed just by regular flirt. Aquarians are intellectually oriented and prefer a partner that can teach them something. Opening a conversation, mention something cultural – film you saw recently or an upcoming event. Notice something in them and compliment it – maybe you are reading a same book.


Showcase your opinion

Even if it is different. Stand out – Aquarians rather fall for individuality than a basic flattery charm. Stand for your means – it thrills them. Don’t agree just to please.


Share with them a story about your spontaneous actions

Even if it was just an impulsive purchase. If you are down to do whatever comes to their mind, they will understand you, invite and be glad they have such a companion.


Since you are the one to plan things

Set dates around cultural events. Choose something unusual and intellectual.


Dress up a little for a date.

Something just in between jeans with T-shirt and full suit is perfect fit. This will likely get you to a point.


Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Aquarius


When dating an Aquarius, there are some things better to be done:


And there are also things to avoid:



Astrology Dodecahedron


Relationship Compatibility of an Aquarius and Other Zodiac Signs


See who should an Aquarius date and who can date them:


Aries Aries Rare bond, but a shared energy can surprise everyone in a good way by passion mix and explosion
Taurus Taurus Perfect complementation, but relationships are rare to stay long (yet if they do, this will be a best time!)
Gemini Gemini They share a passion for an intellect – this relationship will have a lot of change and excitement as long
Cancer Cancer Non-typical relationship which takes some work, but it can lead to a long happy time together
Leo Leo Passionate and explosive couple – if they respect individualities of each other and get a common sense
Virgo Virgo They just do not go along as a junk food addict and healthy meal freak
Libra Libra They can fall in love fast, get close fast and eventually break up fast
Scorpio Scorpio This couple will go to extremes, expecting changes from each other – it is hard to find a balance, but if they could, it would be a very deep relationship
Sagittarius Sagittarius Bond of two spirited persons seeking for a higher truth – they can inspire each other and everybody aroud
Capricorn Capricorn It often leads to a shared language, but requires a certain distance in between so they don’t oversaturate, yet when intimacy is established they will be mutually irreplaceable
Aquarius Aquarius This relationship can have strong love, connection and emotional balance with good long-time perspectives
Pisces Pisces Strong connected and never boring relationship